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How to Replace HP Laptop Touch Screen [copy link]


Hey, there! Anybody want to lend a helping hand while I attempt to replace my laptop touchscreen? I'm working with a HP Pavilion 15 and a dangerously small amount of experience.

How to solve the problem of hp laptop touch screen replacement?

The HP Pavilion 15-bk020wm is used as an example in this article. The maintenance methods for touch screens of another brand laptop are similar. If you are using DELL/ASUS or Toshiba, you can also use them as a reference.

Howto replace touch screen on hp laptop?

1. Turn off the computer and disconnect the external device. Unplug the computer's power adapter.

2. Remove the two screw cover strips. Unscrew all 12 screws from the bottom of the computer.

3. Using the plastic opening tool, lift the keyboard cover to the right and left hinges.

4. Lift the keyboard cover from the lower left side near the touchpad.

5. Remove the blue cable. Lift the keyboard cover

6. Tilt the keyboard stands up.Separate the blue ZIF cable from the bottom of the notebook. Use the plastic opening tool to flip the two ZIF cables that connect the battery to the motherboard.

7. Use a Phillips located around the battery to remove the four Phillips screws. Remove the battery from your laptop.

8. Remove the two cables from the motherboard.

9. Unscrew all ten screws (M2.5x4.4) from the motherboard with a Phillips 00 screwdriver. Remove the fan and lift the motherboard.

10. Use Phillips to unscrew the screen from the main body of the notebook. Screw size: M2.5 x 4.4.

11. Use the plastic opening tool to lift the touch screen hinge to remove the screen.

12. Get the new touch screen to connect to your hp laptop.

13. To reassemble the device, perform the following instructions in reverse order.

Howto install touch screen on your laptop?

1. Unplug the power and remove the battery from the laptop. In the middle of the bottom of the notebook, there are fixed screws, remove the screws, and remove the drive.

2. After the optical drive is removed, remove all the screws on the bottom of the notebook. Then carefully remove the frame with a flat-blade screwdriver and remove the bottom case.

3. Find the USB port next to the board. First remove the protective rubber plug on the screen, and after removing the screws that secure the display, decisively remove it. Then use aflat-blade screwdriver to remove the frame. This side will be fastened, so be careful of the rear cable when you remove it.

4. Place the touch screen we purchased in front of the original display and start distributing the screen cable.

5. About the touch screen cable jack and four-wire connection is very important, must be taped multiple times,but the order of the cable must not be messy, otherwise it will affect the tightness of the cover.

6. Take the cable out of the shaft of the screen and put it into the body.

7. Because the computer doesn't have the touch hardware, so you must add a control card, and the line leveling is good. Solder the wire to the USB pin, solder it, place the control board and USB in the original position, and then test screen touch.

You have mastered all the steps to replace cracked laptop touch screen, then you need a laptop touch screen. You can give us the exact notebook model to help you find parts and instructions. The easiest thing to do is to change the laptop screen assembly. You might think it's a bit expensive, but you can save a lot of time and effort on replacing touch screen for hp laptop.

You can also find the laptop parts yourself at GEMWON, if you don't know the specific model of the laptop, this is not possible. Please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you find the laptop repair parts and information you need.

HP laptops may have screen problems such as broken LCD screens, dead backlights. I hope this article on how to replace hp touch screen laptop can help you replace the broken laptop touch screen.

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