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How to Fix Action Camera keeps Freezing [copy link]


Some outdoor sports turn motion cameras into must-have sports device. However, while enjoying the fun of sports camera shooting, it is also a lot of unpleasant things. This article provides some solutions to fix freezing action camera.

Howto avoid the action camera crash when shooting

1. After shooting, be sure to pause and then turn off camera.

2. After the battery prompts low battery, please stop shooting.

3. Always observe the flashing of the recording light on the motion camera. If it is not normal, take a restart.

4. For important and long-time shooting situations, it is best to format the SD card once in the camera.

Why does my sport camera freeze?

A low-quality memory card can also cause a crash, so how do I choose the right motion camera memory card?

The "memory card" is mainly based on "flash memory" (SD card). In fact, whether a memory card is easy to use, the key is the speed at which the card stores data. If the storage speed is too slowly, it will cause a data error.

So how do you buy the right SD card for your action camera?

The speed at which the flash card has two parameters of maximum speed and minimum speed.

1. The highest speed of the flash card

There is a parameter"M" on the flash card to indicate the fastest storage speed. The highest rate is expressed in M/S. For example, 30M/S means that the highest achievable speed of the card is 30MB per second. If you are considering taking a photo, mainly look at this data. Especially for taking photos of large-capacity files in high resolution or RAW format.

The faster the memory card is transferred, the faster the file can be stored, and the next picture can betaken faster.

2. How to choose flash memory for sport video camera

For example, the Sony EX1R requires the flash card to be at a rate above CLASS 10, and the Panasonic 153MC requires the SD card to be at a rate above CLASS 4. In actual use, the minimum storage speed requirement must be guaranteed. As for the highest speed, you can count it. Example with EX1R: 1920*1080HQ HD shooting, code stream 35M. Then the transmission speed is 35Mbps/8bit=4.38MB/s

That is, a card with a speed of "5M" or more can allow the camera to be stored smoothly to prevent the camera from being stuck when shooting.

Some questions about Action Camera for Beginners:

1. Photos taken with a sports camera is not clear

Although the highest resolution is used, the light is good, but the photos taken are blurred. Even if it is a sports camera, it has a certain degree of professionalism in anti-shake function, but if it is sharply shaken up and down, it will still be a little fuzzy. You can use a tripod or place the camera on a table or a fixed object.

2. The lens is dirty

Dirty lenses can cause the camera to be difficult to view and blur the captured image. Use a dedicated cleaning tools to clean the lens.

3. The scene is too dark

Shooting scenes backlit, then you should rotate the camera angles, and let the multi-point smart metering capability in the motion camera can help you find the best angle to shoot.

4. The action camera shuts down suddenly

The first consideration is the power problem, which is caused by the situation of insufficient power. Second,reboot to checking the camera. If the motion camera does not turn on, and you find that the camera is hot. That's because you have been using the camera fora long time, causing the camera to overheat and automatically turn off. Stop using it and wait for it to cool before using it.

5. Why action camera not detecting SD card

5.1 Using a memory card that is not compatible with a sports camera, the solution is to replace the flash card that your motion camera can use.

5.2 The memory card chip is damaged. Look for the manufacturer to repair or replace it.

5.3 The image file in the memory card is destroyed. The cause of such a malfunction is that the memory card is taken out during shooting or the sports camera is suddenly turned off. If you reinsert the memory card and the problem persist, you will need to format your SD card.

6. Freezing action camera

If your sport camera is frozen,try resetting the camera by pressing and holding the MODE button for 10 seconds.

If the camera does not prompt fora reset, remove the battery and reinsert the battery to unlock it.

Format the SD card with the camera or with a PC to ensure it is the original brand card with the best working condition. The poor quality, fragile or slow-speed memory cards can cause the camera to freeze.

Also, if the camera still freezes after excluding the micro SD issue, please visit the camera manufacturer support website for the latest firmware upgrade.

Finally, if you are having problems with an action camera getting stuck, please refer to the article.Welcome to your friends, more extreme sports enthusiasts to share this article about common troubleshooting for sports cameras.

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