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How to Install LED Strip Lights for Christmas [copy link]


As Christmas approaches, many people like to decorate their home gardens or party decorations with colourful LED strings. Some large shopping malls and parks have beautiful lights indifferent colors. Do you know how to connect multiple led strip lights for Christmas?

Part 1: How to Make Christmas Light Strings?

Step 1: Choose a board

The package of the light string,the IC chip of the light string, the size of the LED light bead of the string,the white balance ratio of the string bead, and the size of the string.Commonly used plates are electrolytic plates, aluminium-plastic plates, iron plates, stainless steel plates, and so on.

When choosing materials, pay attention to: choose the appropriate board according to the size of the colour string and the engineering environment.

Step 2: Transformer & Controller Selection

Transformer: The LED string on the market is mainly powered by 5V. The common power supply has 200W 350W. Therefore, pay attention to savings cost when selecting. Pay attention to the power supply you purchased. Make sure that the rated power is not equal to the actual. Generally, power supply is recommended to be 50% of rated power, high quality power is used to 80% of rated power.

Controller: Commonly used controller is T-1000, T-1000S, T-4000, T-8000, T-8000C, which are selected according to the difficulty of installation in the environment and the number of light strings used in the project.

Step 3: How are led Christmas lights wired

Wire: The LED Lamp beads power is about 0.3W per chip, calculate how many LED bulbs are needed.

The selection of the wire length is based on the number of lights connected to each bead and the length of the wiring between the lamp and the power supply.

The LED string generally has a voltage of 12V DC, so it needs to be powered by a power supply. The size of the power supply is determined by the power of the LED string and the length of the connection. If you don't want each LED string to be controlled by a single power supply, you can purchase a large switching power supply for the total power supply, and then connect all the LED string input power supplies in parallel.

Part 2: Tips for DIY Christmas Decorative Light

The LED light string must pay attention to the positive and negative during the making to ensure the correct connection. It is made from a monochromatic string of lights.

1. Monochrome string production includes monochromatic lamp string insertion and wiring. The plug-in and wiring of the monochromatic lamp string is very simple, and it is sufficient to insert the string into the corresponding hole.

When wiring, it should be followed in order.

At the same time, pay attention to the positive and negative of all the light bulbs and they are as close together as possible, and then connect the positive together and then lead the positive poles. Similarly, the negative poles can be connected together to lead the negative poles.

2. LED light string wiring should be tested ensure all the light strings can lit.

3. The parallel light strings are fixed separately, and then the wiring part is wrapped with waterproof glue, and the LED Christmas Lights are completed. The entire decorative light can be hung on the curtains at home or light decoration for the Christmas tree also a good choice.

LED Lights String Dress up Christmas Bedroom

What are the nice room LED bulb dressing solutions? Wrap the LED string on the bed frame,fill the window with a string of lights, and hang a layer of white tulle on the outside. When the light string is turned on at night, the effect is like being in a fairyland. Put a few candlesticks in the bedside table to start romantic Christmas.

Christmas LED strings light are often small in size and can be decorated according to the colour combination ofthe lights. With decoration, they can not only provide us with basic lighting requirements, but also further make the room more beautiful. Make the best Christmas light strips for room is the above steps, welcome to share with your friends.

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