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How to Fix iPhone Camera after Water Damage [copy link]


my issue is that after a phone was water damaged the back camera stopped working. However a week or so later while going through apps that would use the camera it started working for a few days then stopped. Howto Fix an iPhone camera damaged by water?

Liquid damage to the iPhone camera components may be obvious or invisible. Sometimes it turns into tiny bubbles below the screen or corrosion and discoloration inside the charging port.Generally, iPhone front camera water damage manifests as the camera is not working or the display image is blurred. Seriously, there may be short circuit of motherboard and causes damage to other functions or components.

Fix water damaged iPhone camera:

1. Power off.

Turn off the iPhone and remove the case: If you have a case on your phone, remove it immediately because they will trap moisture.

2. Remove the SIM card and the tray.

3. Putting the iPhone in the rice bag can dry the skin and absorb moisture slowly.

Dry the body: Wipe the screen,sides and back with a soft cotton towel.

Pay attention to the power button, volume button, mute switch, speaker, microphone and audio output jack.

Wait for the air to dry naturally, open the sealed bag with rice, put the phone in, and wait for 24 hours to take out the iPhone. Rice acts as an absorbent, absorbing excess water vapor from the device.

How to remove moisture in iPhone camera lens?

1. Moisture appears on the lens surface: Use a dry eyeglass cloth to wipe the lens in one direction (do not wipe the lens from side to side). This will easily cause scratch on the lens.

2. Moisture appears inside the lens: Let it stand in a windless environment and dry it in the sun. On a rainy day, put the iPhone under a sealed jar indoors, put a pack of desiccant, and the water moisture disappeared after a while.

Do not use a hair dryer for heat drying, as it may cause the damage to the internal components of the iPhone camera caused.

How to protect iPhone camera lens?

iPhone are generally equipped with front and rear cameras. So, considering the protection of the camera, we need to pay attention to some tips in using.

1. Ensure that the camera of the iPhone is clean and clear, and avoid placing the iPhone and sharp metal objects together. For example, if the iPhone is placed in a pocket, then keys or other metal objects should not be placed in the pocket, otherwise the surface of the camera will be scratched.

2. The iPhone camera should be cleaned frequently. The best way is to wipe it regularly with a wet paper towel. If you don't have a wet paper towel, a plain cloth or tissue paper will do.

3. Buy a protector for your iPhone camera. The camera does not direct contact with other objects,ensuring it is clean and safety.

The above is the iPhone water damage camera not working solutions. Try the methods still cannot solve the problem, you can send the iPhone to Apple store for testing. iPhone is not in the warranty, and if you have not Apple Care, you may need to pay £ 79, and maybe overcharged for a replacement any part.

Or use professional mobile phone repair tool. The price of the repair tool kit is under $10.Any user without technical experience can easily disassemble the iPhone, clean the internal components and replace the iPhone parts damaged by water.

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