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The Best Inflatable Outdoor Couch [copy link]


The inflatable couch is lightweight and sturdy, you can carry it outdoor wherever you want. It is easy to install and large enough to accommodate 2~3 people, thus making your outdoor activities more comfortable. This article is about best inflatable sofas in 2020.

What is the use of inflatable sofa?

1. Inflatable sofa is easy to carry, free from the bulkiness of traditional furniture, indoor and outdoor can be placed. A variety of functions, practical for outdoor, office, car, hospital care, temporary home can be used

2. The inflatable sofa is small and compact after deflation, and it is convenient to store and carry, which is both trendy and comfortable. After storage, it can be placed on the balcony, but also in the living room and study.

3. Inflatable sofa is unique in design, colourful, crystal clear,singular shape, unique shape lazy inflatable sofa is widely welcomed by trendy people.

4. The lazy inflatable sofa also have well-designed internal advection ventilation slots. Not only completely maintains the appearance and support capacity of the cushion, but also discards the moisture caused by the poor ventilation of the traditional cushion or the up and down ventilation.

Inflatable sofa is very easy to use, it has a specially designed inflation port, only need a special air gun to inject gas into the sofa to use.Cover the check valve immediately after the gas injection. The air can be evacuated during storage to make the storage volume more compact.

Howto Inflate Lazy Air Couch?

Inflation should be moderate, too full and too little, are not conducive to the maintenance and use of inflatable beds and inflatable sofas.

If air is not enough, you can make up a little gas. Remember to inflate the inflatable couch (generally about 90% full).

Inflatable couch without air pump

The usual bilateral air intake is changed to unilateral air intake, no need for an air pump, and one person can easily fill the lazy air couch lounger.

1. Unfold the sofa.

2. Open the air inlet and swing the air in the air.

3. After full of air, close the air inlet and buckle the buckle.

How to repair the inflatable sofa leaks?

You need to find a small leak or pinhole in an inflatable sofa, and then fix it with special glue.


1.The bonded surface must be dry, clean and free of dust or grease, otherwise it will affect the curing speed and bonding strength.

2. If the hole is small, such as only 3 mm, then only need to drop three drops of glue, after a few hours of drying, add a few drops, after 4 hours, you can use it normally.

3. Store the inflatable sofa in a cool place.

How to fold an inflatable couch?

1. The flat ground rolls from the tail.

2. Release the air while curling, and in a few seconds, the air inside can be completely released.

3. Bend into a U shape and fasten the buckle.

4. Finally stuffed into the storage bag.

5. This compressed sofa weighs only about 0.8 kg and can be put in a small bag and carry in luggage. It is quite portable and better reduces the weight of luggage when traveling.

How to buy the best inflatable sofa for camping?

The inflatable couch is easy to carry and lightweight. The inflatable sofa injects gas into the interior of the sofa, so it is easy to fold after releasing the gas, and it is very convenient to take it to outdoor camping.

The colour and the style are beautiful. Because the inflatable sofa is made of PVC material, there are many options for the colour.

This material can be designed in any shape, and you can buy any shape and colour you like.

The price of inflatable sofas is of course much cheaper than the fabric sofas and solid wood sofas we often see. The price of an inflatable sofa is less than US$10. The inflatable sofa is a casual goods, which is generally used for outdoor playing, picnic or camping.

[Easy Inflation] If it is a windy day, just open the mouth of the recliner to the wind to inflate. No air pump is required.

[Thick, durable, comfortable] Multi-layer materials are thick, durable,lightweight, breathable and soft, easy to clean, waterproof. It can be used on most surfaces, such as grass, sand, rocky ground and swimming pools.

[Exquisite Gift] Give this fun and useful recliner as a gift to your friends. This is a particularly good gift for those who like outdoor activities, travel or prepare for summer activities.

Product description:

Inflatable size: 200 x 70 x 55 cm (78.7 x 27.6 x 21.7 inches)

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Support: 440 pounds

Material: 210T waterproof oxford cloth

Package includes: air lazy sofa x 1, carrying bag x 1


If there is wind outdoors, you can inflate the inflatable sofa quickly.

It may be more difficult when there is no wind, you may need to run 10 meters.

80% air is enough, the sealing strip rolls at least 3 times.

Avoid using sharp objects to scratch the sofa surface.

The inflatable camping couch can quickly create a comfortable resting place for you. GEMWON outdoor launched black, blue, red, purple, green, pink and other colourful colors for choosing.

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