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How to Use iOS Update Dark Mode [copy link]


With the release of the IOS13, the iOS 13 update dark mode has attracted many people's attention. What applications can be supported in dark mode and how to turn on the dark mode?

Dark mode supports all Apple devices,including the apps that come with iPhone and iPad. At the same time, if third-party applications follow Apple's development principles, this model can also be supported.

How to manually enable Dark Mode in iOS 13?

iPhone X series: slide down from the upper right corner, pull down the control center, and long press [Display and Brightness].

iPhone 8/8P and Other iPhone series: slide up from the bottom, pull out the control center, and long press [Display and Brightness].

1. Enter "Settings", then select "Display and Brightness" to find the [Dark Mode], just check it. You can also slide up from the bottom to the control center, long press the brightness slider, and then press the icon in the lower left corner to switch.

2. iOS13 also supports automatic dark mode. You can choose to automatically enable the dark mode from sunset to sunrise, or set a custom schedule and select a specific time to enable a dark or bright appearance.

3. Dark mode also adds new options for wallpapers in iOS 13. After enabling dark mode, you can choose to automatically dim the theme wallpaper, which means that IOS will automatically darken the wallpaper to match the dark mode interface UI.

The dark mode of iOS13 has "delicate texture" instead of pure black.

The Benefits of Dark Mode IOS 13

The iOS 13 dark mode provides a new color scheme for iOS and APP, which is very suitable for use in dim environments and less damage to the eyes. It supports manual turn on, click the shortcut switch in the control center to quickly turn on/off the dark mode.

And iOS 13 dark mode supports user customization, users can set a specific time to turn dark mode on or off Whether you are using Mail, Books or Safari, the text will be displayed as white on a black background, making it easy to read in the dark.

It is worth mentioning that the new iOS 13 wallpaper is also optimized for dark mode. The API allows developers to use dark mode in third-party apps. iOS can make third-party apps use black themes, which is the biggest advantage of iOS 13.

Does Dark Mode Saves Battery Life?

Using dark mode usually also extends the battery life of the iPhone because it requires less power to light the screen.

Test the power consumption of the same model in normal mode and dark mode.

After five hours and ten minutes of testing, the iPhone 7 has a remaining power of 23%, but 25% in dark mode, and 0% of iPhone X in normal mode, and 74% in dark mode.

We already know that the dark mode is mainly for OLED screens. (The iPhone X using the OLED screen consumes very little power in the dark mode). So, the iPhone 7 test results show that the power consumption is basically the same in normal mode and dark mode.

Dark mode will greatly increase the battery life of iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max. The battery life problem has always been the biggest pain point of iPhone. If you have iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max, you should not refuse the dark mode in iOS 13 that protect your eyes and saves battery.


Dark mode is one of many new features in iOS 13. We provide a guide about benefits of dark mode iOS 13 to help you make the most of the updates and the hidden features we have mentioned.

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