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How to Disassemble HP Laptop Keyboard [copy link]


A HP Laptop which was used for a long time may be out of work, and other reasons will also make your laptop not work, such as Water Spilled on Keyboard; Loosing Key Caps and so on. When you meet these problems above, it may be very expensive for you to ask a professional laptop repairman to fix and Disassemble HP laptop keyboard. Fortunately, after reading and learning from this article, you can have the ability to deal with your laptop keyboard’s problems by yourself. For, this article will teach you how to take part your laptop keyboard and change a new one.

5 Things to Do Before Starting Your Laptop Keyboard Disassembling

1.Prepare for a cross screwdriver and a plastic card

2.Remove the power supply and battery

3.Take the laptop to a clean, flat place

4.It is recommended to use an anti-static wrist strap and a conductive foam pad when removing the keyboard.

5.Have a new laptop keyboard ready, and the original laptop keyboard should be purchased with the same model.

How to Remove Keyboard from Laptop

1.take out the battery from the back of the laptop. Typically, the battery lies in the top under the laptop.

2.Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws on the back of the laptop. The removed screws should be installed in small boxes to prevent loss.

3.Remove the drive and gently poke the keyboard from the optical drive to release the keyboard.

4.Turn the laptop to the front, open the panel, insert the card into the gap of the keyboard, and open the keyboard.

5.Lift the back edge of the keyboard and rotate it forward until you can touch the keyboard ribbon cable (keyboard cable).

6.Gently lift the keyboard, removing the laptop keyboard cable at first, and then removal of HP keyboard.

Pay attention:

You must disconnect the keyboard cable before takeoff laptop keyboard. If your laptop keyboard has backlit, you need to disconnect the additional connector from the keyboard and motherboard.

Install a New Keyboard for HP Laptop

1.Prepare the new keyboard and place the keyboard upside down on the laptop panel for easy touch to the ribbon cable and connector.

2.Insert the laptop keyboard cable into the ZIF connector, then push the lock lever down to secure the ribbon cable in the connector (if the keyboard has backlit, connect the additional connector on the keyboard to the motherboard).

3.Turn the keyboard to the front and place the label on the bottom edge of the keyboard into the top cover. Then press down on the keyboard and secure each corner along the edge of the keyboard to secure it to the laptop.

4.Close the top cover of the laptop with the back of the notebook facing up.

5.Insert the optical drive and recovery all the screws.

6.Reconnect the laptop battery and power adapter.

7.Power on and detection.

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When you find that your HP laptop keyboard is not working properly, I would not recommend everyone to open your laptop keyboard, because the newly laptop, the keyboard is generally warranty for 6-12 months. If you can't change HP laptop keyboard for free, I suggest you replace the HP notebook keyboard with yourself, which will save you money and experience the fun of DIY. Replacing the HP notebook keyboard is not difficult, as I often say to many people: you can learn most of skills, if you are willing to learn.

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