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How to Change Keyboard on Acer Chromebook [copy link]


In using the acer Chromebook keyboard, you may need to replace the keyboard after water damage or the keyboard does not work, this article provides you replace keyboard on acer Chromebook.

If some keys or all keys on your acer Chromebook keyboard not working, you can usually replace the keyboard yourself. If you buy a laptop repair keyboard at the GEMWON laptop Accessories Mall, the price ranges from $5 to $20. The keyboard replacement operation is actually very simple, you can change laptop keyboard in your comfortable home.

Although each laptop model is different, the keyboard replacement steps are similar. To remove the keyboard of the laptop, usually just loosen the cover, remove a few screws, then disconnect the cable and replace it. This article uses the Acer Chromebook C720-2420 Keyboard Replacement as an example to provide you with a laptop replacement tutorial.

How to Clean Acer Laptop Keyboard:

1. Buy a replacement keyboard

Get the right keyboard for your laptop. Compare prices by eBay, Google and online stores that specialize in replacing hardware, such as GEMWON laptop. Make sure that the keyboard you purchased is for the exact model of your laptop. You can find your laptop model on between the keyboard and screen or on the label attached to the bottom of the laptop.

2. Acer c720 keyboard replacement

Please consult acer's laptop manufacturer and the website where you purchased the replacement keyboard to see if they offer Hardware Maintenance Manual.

1) Make sure your Acer Chromebook is closed. Turn over the Chromebook.

2) Using a Phillips screwdriver,remove all thirteen 6.5 mm Phillips screws that secure the back cover.

3) Remove the bottom carefully using the crowbar opening tool.

4) Remove the two 3.6 mm screws that secure the battery.

5) Disconnect the connector that connects the battery to your Chromebook.

6) Remove the battery.

7) Remove the six 4.7 mm Phillips screws that secure the fan.

8) Disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard. Remove the fan.

9) Remove the 3.6 mm Phillips screw that secures the SSD. Remove the SSD

10) Disconnect the speaker cable from the motherboard. Disconnect the display cable from the motherboard. Pullout the wires of the 2 PIC connectors.

11) Remove the two 3.7 mm Phillips screws that secure the motherboard.

12) Lift the black tape on the ZIF connector to release the ribbon cable. Remove the ribbon cable.

13) Lift up and remove the motherboard.

14) Use the plastic crowbar to remove the speakers located at the left and right corners of the Chromebook.

15) Use a screwdriver to remove the two 3.6 mm Phillips screws that secure the USB and SD card ports. Remove and remove the port.

16) Remove the two 3.6 mm Phillips screws that hold the LED sensor. Remove the LED sensor.

17) Turn the black tab on the ZIF connector to disconnect the ribbon cable. Remove the ribbon cable.

18) Unscrew the 3 screws that secure the display assembly to the top.

19) Disconnect the keyboard and touchpad connection cable.

20) Replace the new asus laptop keyboard.

To reassemble your acer laptop,follow these instructions in reverse order.

The Bottom Line:

When a key on the keyboard does not work, it is usually due to a mechanical failure. In this case, you will need to replace keyboard in acer laptop. The above steps in this article apply to the keyboard has some keys available for HP/Dell/ASUS laptop.

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