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How to Buy a Gaming Laptop 2019 [copy link]


Game enthusiasts choose a computer more inclined to buy the best affordable gaming laptop, you can easily enjoy the game, then what to look for in a gaming laptop? This should be the topic that game players most want to discuss.

Large Screen Size

The screen size is now very good for the gaming laptop. 15.6 inches is the most standard screen size of the gaming notebook. The small screen size is not only not conducive to the viewing of the screen, but also such small size laptop is also weak in hardware performance.

There are already a lot of 17-inch game books this year, thanks to the improvement of form factor and the increase of screen ratio. The 17-inch screen is closer to the look of desktop monitors.

Thick Laptop Body

Gaming laptop online store will emphasize their light weight, thin body,and consider the excellent performance and light weight of the machine. But it takes a price to get light and thin. That the biggest problem is heat dissipation.

In fact, most people do not move or go out to carry the game laptop daily,so there is no need to care about the size and weight of the gaming laptop body. Compared to the thin and light gaming laptop, these big guys have better cooling system, better keyboard and more perfect look.

4K Resolution Laptop Screen

If you want to know what should you buy gaming laptop, you may face a choice of 1080p and 4K resolution on the screen.

Although 4K resolution has a more delicate picture, 1080p can also have a higher DPI. The 1080p screen can get a higher number of game frames when paired with the same graphics card, which is more practical than the ultra-high resolution.

144Hz High Refresh Rate

If placed in a high-end gaming laptop, the 144Hz refresh rate screen is of course the most prefect configuration, but some GTX 1050 Ti games are not necessary to pick 144Hz. Because this level of graphics card in most games, to maintain 1080p and 60fps are relatively reluctant. So, to play the 144Hz screen advantage, you can sacrifice the picture quality to increase the number of game frames.

Core i5 is enough

Due to advertising, many newcomers may think that Core i7 will perform better than i5 in the game, but Intel's eighth-generation high-performance Core i5 mobile processor has the performance of the desktop version of Core i7.

Take the i5-8400H specification as an example, 4 cores 8 threads, 4.2 GHz max turbo frequency, which is enough in most mainstream gaming laptop even with GTX 1070 or above will not be a problem. The number of game frames and screen settings still depends on the graphics card. So instead of choosing Core i7, it is better to use a higher-end graphics card.

Graphics Card Preferred RTX

NVIDIA announced the RTX series of game books at the beginning of this year, bringing ray tracing technology to mobile devices. Now gaming laptop price is reasonable. Most models of RTX 2060 are less than $1300, which is acceptable for mainstream gamers. The gaming laptop best price no need to consider the GTX 1070 Max-Q, 1080 and other graphics card of the previous generation. But for relatively introductory players, the budget is more than$900, then at least should choose GTX 1050 Ti.

Keyboard and TouchPad

When you play a game or shopping online, you will hit laptop keyboard keys, so you will want them to feel comfortable and look great.

For the keyway, we have determined that the typical depth is between 1.5 and 2 mm and any distance close to or exceeding 2 mm is ideal.

If you need a smoother gaming keyboard experience, a better option is to buy a gaming keyboard and gaming controllers, wireless Bluetooth keyboards, and speakers for gaming.

Essentially, gaming keyboards were popular with pro-gamers. The advantage of gaming keyboard offered better tactile and auditory feedback, lasted longer and could correctly recognise many key inputs at once.

Storage: SSD or HDD

For gaming notebooks, it needs the faster the better, which is why many people like SSD, especially new PCIe cards. They provide extremely fast file transfer speeds. The extra speed and faster game load times.

Cooling is Very Important

Players who have purchased or used gaming laptop should be very concerned about this, because now the notebook will have "thermal throttling" on both the processor and the graphics card. The result is that mobo sets its speed lower, so it can generate less heat and cool down. So, if the cooling system is not well, the higher configuration also can't play the hardware performance.

The above is the key point to buy the best gaming laptop 2019. If you have some experience for that you can share it in the comment to help more people to buy a satisfactory computer.

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