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What is the Best iPhone 12 Accessories to Buy [copy link]


The iPhone 12 released on October 14 no longer comes with a charger and wired headphone. There is only a USB-C to Lightning cable in the package. In order to match your iPhone 12, which iPhone 12 accessories to buy?

iPhone 12 supports 20W PD fast charging, MagSafe wireless charging has a maximum power of 15W, and Qi wireless charging has a max power of 7.5W. PD fast charge protocol, the support maximum power is 20W, so when choosing charger for iPhone 12, we try to choose 20W or higher than 20W charger that supports PD protocol.

Apple Original Charger:

The appearance of this charger isbasically the same as the original Apple 18W charger, the power is upgraded to 20W, and it also has 5V/3A and 9V/2.22A voltage levels, supports Samsung 5V/2A,DCP protocol, and PD2.0 fast charging protocol.

The official accessories of Apple 12 are expensive. The following are cheap iphone 12 accessories. You can refer to these.

USBType C Quick Charger Adapter:

1. USB Type-C connect to support multi-protocol output; fast charging makes charging faster again.

2. Output automatically identifies the mobile phone or tablet, intelligent matching 5V A/9V 2A voltage and current,choose a suitable fast-charging mode for the device.

3. Compact and easy to travel,compared to Apple's original 18w adapter, the volume is quite light and easy tocarry.

4. Compatible with existing mainstream Android phones and Apple devices that support PD fast charging.

5. Smaller, faster, more convenient. Low-profile connector with a reversible design simplifies connections and easy insertion and removal without having to check the orientation of the connector.


Product name: PD Quick Charge Cable

Product material: pure copper wire +TPE

Interface type: TYPE-C to lightning

Product length: 1m, 2m

Number of cores: five-stranded wire:43 x 2, 10 x 3, 0.8mm tinned copper

Product ApplicationApple8/X/XS/XR/XS MAX/11/12 and other mobile phones

Anker iPhone12 Charging Cable

Product: compatible with iPhone fast charge protocol

This Anker charging cable can be used with fast charging adapter to achieve wired fast charging. The charging cableis compatible with the iPhone PD fast charging protocol. It uses the original Apple C94 terminal head and is fully compatible with the IOS.

Wireless QI Car Phone Stand & Charger for iPhone 12

There is no need to remove the phone case when charging. The car holder can hold all mobile phones with a width of 60-80mm, and is suitable for most mobile phones.

Easy to install, it can be completed in a few seconds, no additional tools are required.

2 in 1Function:

Combine the charger and mobile phone holder into one unit. You can put your phone on the charger Phone Stand while driving. At the same time, you can charge it through our wireless charging dock. The Wireless Car Charger will identify the wireless fast charging device and intelligently adjust the power to 5W, 7.5W or 10W.

Bluetooth Headphone

If the budget is sufficient, the preference for Bluetooth Headphone is of course Airpods Pro. As an Apple series product, it has a high-quality customer experience and compatibility with iPhone. If you don't have enough budget and don't have too much demand for headsets, just buy a Bluetooth earbuds of the same type.
The high-simulation iPhone earbuds can let you enjoy the same music fun, but you only need to spend more than 10 dollars.

1. More refined appearance, smaller earphones, not making your ear get pained after a long-time wearing.
2. More stable signal and better quality.
3. The upgraded version of i7S, promoting customers more eager to buy.
4. Magnetic suction charging case, giving you better sense of experience.
5. Light and small, easy and convenient to carry.

New iPhone 12 Case

I will be very concerned about buying iphone cases. Yes, they can provide extra protection.

iPhone 11/12 Pro / Max / Pro Max phone case with shockproof belt and stand.


The Premium Hybrid 3 in 1 Swivel Belt Clip Brushed Armor Rubber Case Provide Luxury, Stylish and Heavy-Duty Protection for your New Mobile Phone Against Scratches, Dirt, Dent and Damages.The Outer Back Cover is Made of High Quality PC Material with Smooth Rubberized Coating, The Inner Layer is Made of Durable and Flexible Silicone Material.

Finally, we hope the suggestions in this list are helpful to you. Looking for more iPhone 12accessories and small household items? Keep checking our store for cheaper iPhone 12 accessories price.

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