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How to Fix Loose Bottom Panel on HP Laptop? [copy link]


The bottom is kind of loosen up a bit, should I apply an adhesive of some kind to fix this?  How to fix a loose laptop bottom case?

The lid of the laptop is often opened and closed. If you accidentally operate, some components of the lid may loosen,and there may be problems such as cracks between the screen and the frame. In order to avoid the case of a laptop computer is loosened, so it should be slowly opened and closed after use. Do not make large movements, otherwise it may cause physical damage to the PC cover.

Laptop Cover materials:

Notebook Cover materials are aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, ABS engineering plastic, carbon fiber, etc.

Many computers are use ABS plastics.According to current, more than 70% of the low-cost notebooks are mainly used it to make shells. The quality of this material is not easy to break. It has excellent heat resistance, easy processing characteristics of ABS plastics, and is cheap. But it is not very thermally conductive, so the heat dissipation will be worse.

The main component of aluminum-magnesium alloy is metal magnesium. Generally speaking, its hardness is several times that of ABS, but its weight is less than half that of ABS plastic, and its heat dissipation ability is very good. This kind of shell can make the computer look more fashionable and convenient for coloring. Generally,it is used to spray colors on the material to change the color. Therefore, it is the first material choice of portable notebooks.

The carbon fiber material has both good quality and good-looking characteristics, as well as very good plasticity. It looks like plastic on the surface, but it has better hardness and thermal conductivity than plastic. And it can play a metal-like shielding role, and it is necessary to apply an insulating layer on the shell and its cost is higher.

The titanium alloy material combines all the advantages. In addition to the metal, it also incorporates carbon fiber. It is better than aluminum-magnesium alloy in terms of heat dissipation,hardness, or appearance. And it is easier to process, and the appearance is more diverse. The most important advantage of titanium alloy is that the toughness becomes better and it can become thinner. But It is very troublesome to process, which means that the cost will be high.

How to fix laptop bottom peeling/loosen up?

1. Try to push it gently, can it return to original position? If it feels like it can't seal, you will need to open it to remove any parts that prevent it from returning.

If it's just bad adhesive, you can use a repair glue or double-sided tape to sew it tightly. Please be careful during the repair process, as it may fall on the LCD screen and make it difficult for you to remove it.

2. What to do if the laptop cover is tight, can the screen shaft be loosened?

The screen hinge shaft can be loosened, and the screws on the inside of the screen shaft can be adjusted according to the maintenance requirements.

Tips to replace the loose back case of a hp laptop

Changing the back cover of the notebook requires disassembling the notebook. Here are some tips for disassembling the notebook.

1. Before all operations, the first thing is to disconnect the power.

2. Keep the screws well.

3. Remember the order of the screws when disassembling, and different types of screws are stored separately.

4. Be sure to remove all the screws before removing the rear case. Pay attention to some screws in the corners.

5. After removing the screws of the notebook, the back shell will not be separated directly, because there are still tenons inside to fix it. At this time, it needs a crowbar, extend the pry into the gap, and slowly open the back case.

6. Disconnect the cable.

7. The integration level of many notebook motherboards is not so high, there will be many cables connected to speakers, fans, sub-circuit boards, etc.When disassembling, you need to disconnect the cables carefully, pay attention to flying leads, do not pull hard, you need to pull it out gently! In addition,because the notebook is not highly integrated and there are too many cables,manufacturers will use tape and other methods to strengthen the cables to avoid loose cables. To remove the cable, you need to remove the tape first.

8. The last step is to assemble.Follow the disassembly steps to install each component in reverse, connect the cables and tighten the fixing screws. If you are not familiar with disassembly,it is recommended to take a photo every step you do.

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